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Plum Kernel Body Scrub


Advantages of our Plum kernels body & face scrub with Plum kernels oil:

– tender, delicate, rich in plum kernel oil
– 100% natural without any solvents or preservatives
– made of pressed Bulgarian plum nuts carefully selected – with tender specific nuts fragrance
– gently strokes your skin
– nut’s elixir for your skin
– excellent quality
– does not harm your skin as the sugar scrubs


Prunus Domestica Seed Powder – registered by the Vegan Society


– directly on the skin of face and body, it can be applied both on body and face

– for massage and SPA procedures, as massage cream, massage mask, face mask

How to use it?

For more effective usage, solve the necessary quantity in a little water, mixed until thick mash, wait around 1min. and after that put on your face and body with gentle move- ments. Feel the touch of nature. Use twice per week.


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