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Organic Harvest’s Objects Disinfectant is suitable for disinfecting frequently touched hard and soft surface objects such as a mobile phone, keyboard, door or car handle etc. This alcohol-based Objects Disinfectant Spray is effective in killing germs on objects.
    • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    • PABA and Paraben free, Mineral Oil-free and Animal Ingredient free


  • Contains Organic Ingredients
  • Specifically formulated to fight germs on all non-living objects

How to use

  • Shake Disinfectant Spray well
  • Hold upright & close to the surface, spray all over
  • Wait until dry, no need to wipe
  • Safe on any type of surface (plastic, glass, steel, leather, nylon, etc.)
  • Not recommended to be used on polished wood, painted surface, or acrylic plastic


Ethyl Alcohol 70%V/V, Organic Glycerine, Orange Oil & Fragrance


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